Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Colorado Shoutout Interview

I was recently selected by Los Angeles based Voyage Group for the Colorado Shoutout series. They focus on topics that are relevant to the general public and do it in a way that puts artists and creatives at the center of the conversations. The article is about the inspiration behind someone who writes music theater works. I find it difficult to articulate my past, but it was pretty painless this time around. To read the interview and see all the pictures select the link below.

Monday, April 12, 2021

It's just the Web...The World Wide Web!

Here's a master track for "The World Wide Web". It takes place online as the characters exploit their inner desires. It's sung by Tony Domenick, Jessica Sotwick and Blake Nawa'a. You can download the sheet music and/or the libretto from the WYSIWYG website to follow along with all the different parts.

Preparing for an audition? WTH...download our public domain Sheet Music for "The World Wide Web" and use SOUNDCLOUD to rehearse for your audition...Good Luck!