Tuesday, September 27, 2022

360° Video of Jet Skiing Lake Powell Canyon

Here's a couple of 360° immersive videos from Lake Powell in Southern Utah. It's in the Glen Canyon National Park near the Bullfrog Marina. We rented a couple of jet skis and explored the lake and the wonderful canyon scenery. I used the Insta 360 One X camera and these two videos are from Eden Canyon across from Halls Landing. It was a fun day, but the water level has really dropped a lot over the last few years.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Lake Powell water level over 12 years

I was living in the valley (Los Angeles) when Dassault Systèmes asked me to manage their regional office in Denver. I agreed and during the move I spent the night in Green River, Utah. I was taken back by the beauty of the canyon landscape and the amazing lightning storms and I've visited the area a half a dozen times since then. Now, I stay at the Defiance Hotel in Glen Canyon National Park because it's the only lakeside hotel near Bullfrog and it's relatively inexpensive. It overlooks the Marina and is about six (6) hours from Denver.
Lake Powell water level (Bullfrog Marina)  2010-2022 

In any case, the hotel only has 48 rooms and it's in the middle of nowhere. I always like getting a room with a view and I happened to line up a couple of "before and after" pictures from several visits to the lake. The change in the water level is really quite dramatic so I thought I'd share it for everyone to see.

Immersive 360° image above Defiance Hotel (September 2022)

Immersive 360° image above Bullfrog Marina (September 2022)
My guess is the water level crisis at Lake Powell has something to do with climate change, but I'm not a scientist or anything. My observations are only anecdotal, my hope is that information like this can be used to make a better world for all of us.