Saturday, July 09, 2022

"Hey Alexa play music by April Alsup"

I was having a manicure the other day when the nail specialist told me her Alexa device was taking requests. I had never tried using an Amazon device before since I've been using Google for that sort of thing at home. Now, bear in mind I do have some Apple devices and use Amazon a lot too. I guess I wondered if Siri and Alexa ever get together to share playlists with Google? 😏
Hey Alexa pay music by April Alsup
Alexa taking requests for April Alsup music 😀

Anyway, just for chagrins, I asked her to ask Alexa to play music by April Alsup and sure enough for the next 45 minutes Alexa shuffled Alsup songs on Amazon music from the official soundtrack of the musical theatre show WYSIWYG. It was really neat and made the whole experience pretty painless, she liked my songs a lot and the time really flew by.